Welcome to TORNA Adventures, New Delhi, India.       We offer Future Leaders - an adventure programme for kids, Camps @ Your Premises, Adventure @ Your Premises, Adventure Camps, Mountain Trekking, Adventure for Corporates and customized adventure activities.Our adventure activities include, Camping, Obstacle Crossing, Zorbing, Para Sailing, Para Gliding, Rappelling, Tyrolean Traverse, Rock Climbing, Hot Air Ballooning, Mountaineering, Trekking, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Caving, Skiing and Bungee Jumping At TORNA India Adventures, every day is an adventure.      
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Adventure @ Your Office
Torna launches Adventure @ Your Office - where adventure activities can be organized at your premises.

Various adventure activities like Rappelling, Rock Climbing (using inflatable walls), Bungee Jumping, Tyrolean Traverse, Zorbing and Obstacle Crossing activities like Burmah Bridge, Commando Net, Spider Web as well as team bonding activities like Tug-of-War, Australian Trolley can be organized at your office campus.

All Work and yet lot of Play - Torna makes it possible.