Welcome to TORNA Adventures, New Delhi, India.       We offer Future Leaders - an adventure programme for kids, Camps @ Your Premises, Adventure @ Your Premises, Adventure Camps, Mountain Trekking, Adventure for Corporates and customized adventure activities.Our adventure activities include, Camping, Obstacle Crossing, Zorbing, Para Sailing, Para Gliding, Rappelling, Tyrolean Traverse, Rock Climbing, Hot Air Ballooning, Mountaineering, Trekking, White Water Rafting, Kayaking, Caving, Skiing and Bungee Jumping At TORNA India Adventures, every day is an adventure.      
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Camping Holidays for Schools

Torna specializes in organizing camping holidays for school students.  Torna's camps lets the students enjoy the play and work, give and take, and stimulate the growth of body, mind, soul.

These camps help the students in acquiring the independence, self-reliance, and satisfaction that come from knowing how to take care of one's own daily needs and the needs of companions in locations far away from home.
Torna's camp facilitates students in acquiring a sense of belonging, of kinship, of partnership with nature and nature's God.
The camps are conducted to provide the following benefits.
Social Skills Development

- Leadership Skills, Communication, Collaboration and Participation

Self-respect and Character Building

- Responsibility, Resourcefulness and Resilience

Community Living/Service Skills

Caring, Fairness, Citizenship and Trustworthiness