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Tyrolean Traverse
What is Tyrolean Traverse?

Tyrolean traverse is method of crossing through free space between two high points that are rigged with a rope anchored tightly between them.

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Traveling across a Tyrolean traverse varies from purely using ones hands and legs to the use of prussic, one way pulleys, or ascenders. In most modern situation the traverse is secured to the line through some combination of climbing harness, webbing, carabiner, and/or pulleys.


Tyrolean traverse is used a range of mountaineering activities, rock climbing, technical tree climbing, and water crossings. A zip-line is in essence traveling down a Tyrolean traverse quickly with the assistance of gravity. In rock climbing a Tyrolean traverse is most often used to return to the main part of a wall after climbing a detached pillar.

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Contact Torna for Tyrolean Traverse